Depending on the activity performed by the Client company, we offer solutions for organising as efficiently as possible the financial-accounting department with accurate attributions in the book-keeping of the patrimonial operations, management of stocks, internal audit, so that the managers of the company would have a faithful image of the enterprise's situation.

Remuneration and human resources

Human resources represents a very important capital for any company willing to develop businesses and, that is why we suggest you to analyse together other elements that would lead to productivity and efficiency, besides the basic services we offer in the domain.

Fiscal consultancy

Compared to the basic services regarding the establishment and calculation of current taxes and fees, due to the state budget, that of social insurances and other funds, we are always connected to the legislative news, because we want to offer the most advantageous fiscal solutions to our clients.

Financial consultancy

The financial analysis reveals causes that have positively or negatively influenced the evolution of expenses, incomes and financial results, so that necessary measures would be undertaken, that would contribute to lowering the costs and increasing the profitability degree.

Accounting and fiscal expertise

We perform accounting or fiscal extrajudicial expertises upon request, in the case of the accounting situations outcome from the course of some commercial contracts between parties, for certain clarifications or under the situation where there are doubts concerning the calculation manner and establishment of certain taxes and fees by the control bodies.

Legal assistance

The legal assistance is provided by our company in collaboration with lawyers, members of the Bar in Bucharest, specialists in commercial and associative law. We come together to clients' assistance in order to competently and operatively solve any issue.