Fiscal consultancy services

  • informing on the quantum and calculation of the payment obligation for: The salary tax, social contributions, special funds, profit tax, income tax, VAT, other taxes and fees;
  • representation in the relations with the auditing bodies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Regional Labour Inspectorate;
  • procurement of fiscal certificates.

Compared to the basic services regarding the establishment and calculation of current taxes and fees, due to the state budget, that of social insurances and other funds, we are always connected to the legislative news, because we want to offer the most advantageous fiscal solutions to our clients.

It is also very important to know and evaluate the expenses concerning taxes and fees to the state budget, in order to implement and develop a new business plan.

Last, but not least, we pay attention to the Client’s declarative obligations as contributor, concerning the tax vector and changes intervened in the tax vector, at the head office or its work sites.