Accounting services

  • assistance in organising the own financial-accounting department;
  • verification of the accounting works, performed by the company’s personnel;
  • consultancy on the legislation in the financial-accounting and fiscal domain;
  • elaboration and certification of the financial statements;
  • complete accounting services for the companies that want the externalisation of the financial-accounting service:
    • elaboration of the cash-book;
    • record of stocks;
    • record of fixtures;
    • accounting records;
    • elaboration and verification of accounting balance;
    • establishing the financial result, profit or loss.

Depending on the activity performed by the Client company, we offer solutions for organising as efficiently as possible the financial-accounting department with accurate attributions in the book-keeping of the patrimonial operations, management of stocks, internal audit, so that the managers of the company would have a faithful image of the enterprise’s situation.

In order to have the certitude of the accounting statements elaborated by the personnel of the Client company, we perform monthly verifications regarding the quality of the accounting works and permanently maintain a dialogue with it in order to solve online the situations that may occur during the activity performance.

An activity that is not to be neglected is that of company’s internal audit, which provides a just management of the company’s resources and goods and implies the systematic stocktaking, verification of engaging certain administrative expenses, scoring with the company’s suppliers and clients.

We are there for the company’s managers, each time we are requested to answer to questions and offer variants from a financial-accounting point of view.